Multi Tools

Although any portable and versatile hand tool that combines several individual functions in a single unit may be described as a multi-tool (or multitool), most people, however, envision the word "multi-tool" as a set of folding pliers with a selection of folding blades and screwdrivers concealed balisong-style within handles. The first such multi-tool, known as the "Pocket Survival Tool", was sold in 1984 after years of development by Timothy S. Leatherman. It was bigger and stronger than an ordinary pocket-knife based tool and also too large for most pockets, so it came with a belt pouch. Since then this type of multi-purpose tools become widely popular, being frequently used not only amongst mechanics and DIY enthusiasts but also by the law enforcement, army and emergency services personnel. These are also ideal for all outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, mountaineering, bushcraft and survival. Available at the Military 1st online store is a broad range of top quality multi-tools from such renowned makers as Wenger, Victorinox and Highlander, and the undisputed multi-tool manufacturing leader - Leatherman, along with many others. We offer a variety of multi-tool models that will suit your needs, starting from small, key-sized units ideal for carrying on a keyring, to bigger and heavier ones intended to be carried in a trouser pocket or belt-mounted pouch. Please notice that any bladed multi-tool will require age verification.
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